Design our Ryde

Proyecto: Design Our Ryde

Ubicación: Ryde, Nueva Gales del sur Australia

Fecha: 2016





It is all part of the idea of respecting the context, respecting the green areas, taking advantage of the virtues of land and existing buildings of this place, hence creating new solutions, consider that the current Civic Center building marks an identity in its place, and its worth respecting this.

-Between Drawback it is insufficient for current use, the non use of green areas was detected, modifications to the urban environment create accessibility problems, our job is to take advantage of the space given with aesthetically pleasing solutions,

– For your work and design the project was separated into 4 different areas, the green cultural entertainment area, the area of housing, civic area, and the hall,

– the first idea is to use the land we have and make it cozy, public but with some privacy space, take advantage of the views we have, and create pleasant prospects, using items as Protection to the User and as material to display art creating a space for conviviality and culture. finally taking advantage the solar fringe for the design of urban street furniture,

– In the Housing area we are seeking the use passive environmental technologies for the control of solar incidence, the natural cooling of the housing and the transformation of c02 into oxygen, a modular design that suits the necessities, it was sought to be economically viable, make it profitable, even marketing the building will serve to finance other phases of the project,

– In the Civic Center, the base was the use of what is currently there, you adapt an extension to the building to meet the needs and requirements, we will use rainwater in this building to irrigate the green areas of the building housing modifying the income by Blaxland street, which is much more appropriate for entry is modified, -The hall was a completely modified design, a new building that meets the required specifications and that gives an aesthetic plastic in conjunction this is a visual finish with a look that is visually appealing and easily recognizable.

– it is Suggested removing the current parking, make it a green area and instead taking advantage of the parking on Parker Blaxland Street making it two basement and two levels to accommodate up to 160 cars,

we are seeking to manage the more green areas and not put common walkers, instead using artificial turf in pedestrian areas

– The basis of our project objectives can be summarized in

– Respect the current context

– Maximize green areas

– Use of green areas

– Eco-sustainable housing

– Give more green areas which we removed

– Use what we have,

– Handling a set is visually similar

– Meet the requirements requested 100%

– It is economically profitable

Create a new space with the identity of what had already

Cultural and recreational area Ryde

Maximizing design of the spaces provided, it can be divided into five areas, Green areas on the ground floor

Green areas on lookout terraces

Area theater

Exhibition Area

and theater area

The key project is to provide more green areas of what we take in the project create a safe space for coexistence, giving some privacy and space for family potluck

Ryde housing

The important design of this building is eco-technologies to achieve lower consumption of resources in the air conditioning,

The modulation of the type departments to suit the required needs, create an elegant building and consistent with the context

create opportunities for local coexistence.

take advantage of fine weather to use sunstroke, winds, and rain to reduce resource consumption

The project has 31 apartments of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms

Ryde hall

We are seeking an attractive design, that takes advantage of space we had, we seek to dominate the curves and match with the area of gardens, the building has 1,200 m2 of usable space and can be subdivided to make use of it for income spaces for neighborhood councils,

Ryde civic center

There is nothing more sustainable than the use of what we have, this building has been part of the environment of the area, decided to respect it but adapt it to the needs we have, you add 2 modules on ground floor in which there are reception, camera of council meetings and committee room, more counseling and secretaries, so leave the current building to pure administrative functions.

Ryde recreational and Cultural Center

the original project had only approximately 1800 m2 of green areas in this proposal we have approximately 5,000 m2 of green surface.

The project is to create a terrace at a higher level, supported by some brick walls that serve to insulate the space, and are an exhibition space, it is proposed that the circulation spaces are protected with plastic mesh protection grass, an area of outdoor theater which can be used for plays and concerts is handled.

The terraces follow the lay of the land, a bus terminal on Deblin street joining a trade zone and incorporate it by the back theater for things like concerts

We designed benches that can mechanically turn into retractable tables thus offering more options to the user utilizing them as both a resting zone as well as area of conviviality

City civic center the first 2 levels of the building were redesigned in such way that it incorporates additional 1,300m2 of space to add the council chamber, senior advisor offices and secretaries, fourth civic, committee and was redesigned meeting room, reception for the rest is for building for administrative functions.

this building respecting its original design and was used as a basis for other designs, income was modified because of how complicated the Deblin road and how communicates by a bridge to the parking lot by Baxland road,

it intends to make basic changes to the building, such as window changing that is insulating the general renovation of the building and its facade.

Building housing

Building 9 levels of 350 m2 each, it has vertical circulations, elevator, green and living areas, apartments of 1,2 and 3 bedrooms, all of these have kitchen area, living room 1 or 2 bathrooms, washing area and terrace

This building has designed its halls and terraces so that the solar incidence in hot weather does not reach the interior of the house and opposite in winter. Having flower beds in corridors and terraces to cool the environment passively also adding green walls, there are studies that say that 10 m2 of the latter can give the same amount of oxygen 1 medium tree, Through a false ceiling we are seeking to store rainwater for this supply through the building hydroponics garden beds.

placing the building in that position this can serve as security for the common green area, and make it a safer place, and at the same time giving spectacular views of the city. I was looking to make a commercially viable building to market and thereby obtain resources for carrying out the rest of the project